Wound Care Products in Ayurved-आयुर्वेद में घाव देखभाल का उत्पाद

Wound Care Products in Ayurved-आयुर्वेद में घाव देखभाल का उत्पाद

Wound Care Products in Ayurved-आयुर्वेद में घाव देखभाल का उत्पाद

Satyanasi is a name that sounds very strange to hear. These names is such that any hearing will not detect this plant in your home. Satyanasi plant waste is automatically created on the ground. But people do like to exterminate it. in ancient times, people of India used were in the tantrik village people ghost removal. Any ghost or apparition of a woman affected by beating had the same plant. So the plant will maintain its probably kept people.

Satyanasi related kind of trust and confidence in the country's Atlantic-India algaalag Campi is present in different forms are closely. Ordinary people consider it ominous but same clever trader earn profit from it.

Mustard oil adulteration and about drips it causes disease, is also read from time totime you know not in mustard oil adulteration. Mustard oil before removing these adulteration occurs. Satyanasi seed and mustard bijo complete equality. So satyanasiseed and mustard seed is, after all, a smart businessman remove its oil.

Here you go what is the benefit of that satyanasi. Its scientific name is mexican arjimon. This ancient Indian aid at Mexico plant author get its medicinal properties in its description of the Sanskrit name is svarnakshiri. These svarnakshiri name satyanasi name is not at all like the scares. While it has the feel of a vegetable to be established from heaven.

Ayurvedic treatise bhavaprakash nighantu such beautiful names to this vegetation has been speaking svarnakshiri. its various languages in the name.

Hindi-sistani, bhadbhand, Chok
Bengali-Chok, shiyalkanta
English-Mexican poppy
Latin-arjimon mexican

The plant is full of thorns and about 2-3 feet high and loose and took the edge of ponds and trenches in winter the plant is found. This flower is yellow and five-seven petals. Seeds mustard seed and number are played. Its leaves and flowers of yellowleaves. So it means that golden color svarnakshiri milk with vegetable says.

The root-seed-milk and oil is in use. This key is created from the name of Yoga svarnakshiri oil. This oil satyanasi Almanac (whole plant) is made from the oil of this feature is that it can fill out any type of wound is fine.

Make Vrankuthar Oil-

Creation Method-

You do this by carefully avoiding thorns plant it uprooted root wash it in water, including get clean can crushed ... this juice off. again as fourth best him pure juice mix mustard oil and cook more on recession when juice water and oil cooled off by fire survivors are it and fill in the vial. That's vrankuthar oil. If you are 200 g crushed juice is extracted. The 50 gram pure mustard oil and when the puck and take the survivors back to keep oil 50 g. You take it in a glass bottle.

Used Method -

To any type of wound wash water wipe. Then repeat the oil on the wounds clean cotton wool. If wounds are bigger or very old wound on the cotton Strip tied note. This will be fixed by a few days to heal the wounds. these guarantee of wound medicine. If old canker is there medication as effective.


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