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SJT.Chetna kanchan Bhagat

ND, D.Accu ,D.B.F

Member of International Naturopathy Organization-INO/MH/9683
Member of International Sujok Association
Cosmetologist and Beauty Therapist

Having 15 years of experience in Health Care, Wellness and Beauty Therapy .

Working with Health trust, Health farms and Clinics.

Conducting workshops of Beauty Therapy and various alternative Therapies.

Practicing all Holistic Therapies such as, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicines, Sujok Therapy, Magnet Therapy, Acupressure, Reflexology, Meridians, Cuppings, Energy Healing, Bach Flower Therapy, Aroma Therapy, Massage Therapies, Beauty Treatments and Yoga.

SJT. Chetna Kanchan Bhagat

Website Admin-

Satyan Srivastava

There is Nothing Special About telling me, I am a grown man in the Kayastha Family. Just a little Childhood has passed in some Difficulties but now I have great grace of the Lord.Reading has been a Special Hobby since childhood.

The Parental task of the Family was of Vaidya.At that time, Foreigners and English Drugs were Beginning to Start. Therefore, the Trend of People from Ayurveda was low, so at this time Father used to Serve the Medicine of free.

Dada-and Father had to live a job for the Family's expenses. But the blessings of people have got our Family a lot.The same thing happened to me too, we had to be Forced to work for livelier but today we are free from all the Responsibilities of the Family.

Just so much is my Hobby even today that I can not give up; so with some texts and some old experiences, I am proving this article in the Blog and there are some Compilations.

This site is mostly text doc consciousness wrote in collaboration with  Doctor Chetna Kanchan Bhagat Mumbai and Doctor Satish Saxena 50 years of experience

All the Vaidy and Doctor's Address is also given to you under the Post. You can also contact on the Phone.

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